SUNDAY EDET EYO, Junior Partner
I attended the Partnership Program where My Spiritual (Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin) gave us N1,000 in 2017 I bought a LAND for my building and after attending several Partnership Programs, I decided to attend 2018 Partnership Program where (Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin) gave us N1,000 and when I came back, I started the building of my own house, though there were challenges (People trying to hinder the work progress), I believed that the God of my Spiritual Father (Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin) will perfect /quicken everything for me and during the locked down I completed the building and right now I am NOW LIVING IN MY OWN HOUSE, All Thanks to the God of my Spiritual Father (Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin). I LOVE YOU MY SPIRITUAL FATHER, INDEED YOU ARE MY SPIRITUAL FATHER AND I AM YOUR SPIRITUAL SON. THANK YOU FATHER!


I want to use this opportunity to thank the God of my father Owomowomo 1, the king David of our time, the number 1, DIS, we have not seen such before in our time, the person who will interpret your dreams and give solutions for you, may the name of your God be praised. On the 29 of June, 2020 before the cross over night, my wife was sacked from her job. Her company said someone reported her, and when she told me, I said “No! That is not possible”, because I served the God of my father, and I am also a Senior Partner. I was so worried, that night I said a prayer with her, I said there will be no peace for the person that approved the sack letter and they will call her back to work, after the prayer we sleep that same night I have a dream and God said in my dream that in the next 24hrs they will restore her job back, in morning I told her the dream I have, we prayed, in the evening of the same day, during the cross over service with my prophet Owomowomo, as he was praying, my wife took her phone and put it in front of the television it was 11: 58 in Nigeria time and 5:58 over here in Texas, behold we received a email from the company asking her to start work immediately, they open all her profiles that was closed down, I thank the God of my Father, I give all the honor, praise and adoration to our God, thank you Jesus, thank my father Owomowomo for being there for us, God will continue to bless you more grace to you Thanks.


Esther C.
I came to cross over 2015, man of God prayed with the candle with us, I went back light the candle and dropped the wax inside the water, behold that month I saw my period that have seized for 2 years and I took in that very month and gave birth in October 2016 and after that my period seized again, I don’t know when my baby girl entered because I do pray with man of God through TV but lost her after 4 days and the period seized again, when I sow a seed to Prophet Jeremiah behold that month I started seeing my period for nine months now, begging God of Jeremiah Omoto to bless me with a baby girl back to me. God of prophet Jeremiah is a faithful God, may his name be praised.


Ikuejawa Josiah Misan, (Delta, Nigeria)
To the glory of God during the mid-year cross over service man of God said anywhere that you are feeling pain touch it as I pray distance is not a barrier and I followed the man of God instructions and I received my healing from the waist pain I have been experiencing for the past one month.


Ninonwa (Enugu, Nigeria)
I began to follow the MOG from 31May 2020. I’ve recovered from retrograde amnesia, partial paralysis of the right side of my body, knee problem, and cold intolerance. All these, chai I cannot live complete human being life for 2 years until I get serious with the man of God, now I am healed. I kneel to pray to God now, I don’t act like a stranger anymore, I remember perfectly. I can use the right side of my body now, if I want, I can wear singlet all day. Training to get my left to do what my right was doing has been indefinitely suspended. And what baffles me most is that the anointing flowed from the rebroadcast of 31May Sunday service. The anointing break the yoke. I thank God, our Papa and Mercy TV plus. We are blessed IJN. Even my father has received his healing too from body pain. I thank Omoto God, the miracle working God.


Samantha (Switzerland)
Firstly I would like to honor the Grace and Anointing upon my Papa, Senior Prophet Jeremiah O. Fufeyin.
Testimony 1
My youngest son who is almost 6 years old used to head-butt his bed, pillow, and sometimes the wall for hours every night for the past 5-and-a half years. I took him to visit different sleep doctor specialists, Men and Women of God but it was to NO avail. His life took a miraculous change after the DIS online program ( in May) whereby I took the anointed water of life that Papa prayed over as we prayed along with him before the end of the service, which I had then sprinkled, all over his bed and bedroom for 3 consecutive days whilst simultaneously praying for God’s mercy. Since then he has NOT head-butted, we sleep peacefully and most importantly he sleeps well too. Glory be to God of my Papa for delivering my son and for his mercy upon my family.Testimony 2
Delivered from Bad Dream
For several years I had suffered from this awful dream whereby I would see people making love to me or attempting to. I had gone for deliverance to different churches and fasted over this problem but without any success. Since Papa prayed over my situation during the DIS program on the 22nd of May and given me solutions on how to overcome this challenge, my dream life has been absolutely amazing. For over 4 weeks now I have not dreamt about this particular dream. I thank God for my Papa for deliverance. And Papa for standing in the gap for me. I love you very much, my Papa. God give you more grace as you touch and transform billions of people’s lives in such a remarkable way. I will forever be truly grateful. I believe many more testimonies are still coming into my life in Jesus’s name, Amen. Kind regards,


Mrs Jane V.N (Nigerian in South Africa)
I want to testify to the goodness of God for what he did for me and my family through my spiritual father, Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin, Owomowomo1, I have been married for 10yrs without a conception, during last year’s “I must carry my Samuel” (2019)my husband visited mercy city, a land filled with babies and we became partners of mercy city, after he came back from Nigeria we ate the fruitful Apple and I became pregnant in October without a delay. I am carrying my Samuel in my womb now and will give birth in few days from now. Please, my father pray for me for a safe delivery. Indeed God of Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin is God of sharp-sharp. May God increase your anointing and protect you and your family in Jesus Name Amen.
Also pray for me to get my papers to come to Mercy City for testimony because I vowed to bring my baby there for Testimonies, but I ‘ve been struggling to get my Papers, and also pray for my husband, the enemies are fighting his destiny and finances. We’re in serious need of finance. Thanks


Prophet Abraham, (Nairobi Kenya)
It is barely 2months since I connected to your Grace through Mercy TV, and testimonies are happening in my life and in the church where I am her Head Pastor. My dream interpretation gift has been activated, my angelic twin brother has also been activated and people are connecting to me here in Kenya, South Africa, Zimbabwe and Middle East for their dreams interpretation.

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