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The Master Key of God


The Act Of God: Mrs. Mercy David from Kogi state : Her muslim father rejected her husband because he is […]

The Key of Life

The Key of Life: The Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin teaches on “The Key of Life” during the Special Partner’s […]

Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin


An ordinary person cannot understand what I am about to say. There are things that men of God need to […]

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Christ Mercyland! Arena of Solution and Power!!! I attended the Partnership Program when My Spiritual Father, (Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin) blessed us N1,000 in 2017. I bought a LAND for my building and after attending several Partnership Programs, I decided to attend 2018 Partnership Program where (Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin) blessed us N1,000, and when I came back I started the building of my own house. There were challenges when some people tried to hinder the work progress but I believed that the God of my Spiritual Father would perfect everything for me, and during the locked down I completed the building. Now, I am LIVING IN MY OWN HOUSE, All Thanks to the God of my Spiritual Father (Snr. Prophet Jeremiah Omoto Fufeyin). I LOVE YOU MY SPIRITUAL FATHER, INDEED YOU ARE MY SPIRITUAL FATHER AND I AM YOUR SPIRITUAL SON. THANK YOU FATHER!
Picture of testifier on itestifylive, Chirsit Mercyland Deliverance Ministry

Sunday Edet Eyo


On the 29 of June, 2020 before the cross over night, my wife was sacked from her job. Her company said someone reported her, and when she told me, I said "No! that is not possible", because I served the God of my father, and I am also a Senior Partner. I was so worried, that night I said a prayer with her, I said there will be no peace for the person that approved the sack letter and they will call her back to work, after the prayer we sleep that same night I have a dream and God said in my dream that in the next 24hrs they will restore her job back, in morning I told her the dream I have, we prayed, in the evening of the same day, during the cross over service with my prophet owomowomo, and as he prayed, my wife took her phone and put it in front of the television. It was 11: 58 in Nigeria time and 5:58 over here in Texas, behold we received a email from the company asking her to start work immediately, they open all her profiles that was closed down, I thank the God of my Father, I give all the honor, praise and adoration to our God, thank you Jesus, thank my father owomowomo for being their for us, God will continue to bless you. More grace to you papa.

Chijioke E. (Texas, USA)


To the glory of God; during the mid-year cross over service, the man of God said we should touch anywhere around our body with pain. As I prayed, I knew distance is not a barrier, and I followed the man of God's instructions. Immediately, I received my healing from the waist pain I have been experiencing for the past one month. Glory be to God.

Ikuejawa Josiah Misan (Delta, Nigeria)


I began to follow the MOG from 31st May 2020. I've recovered from retrograde amnesia, partial paralysis of the right side of my body, knee problem, and cold intolerance. Chai! I could not live a completely healthy life for 2 years, but as I got serious with the man of God, I got healed. Now, I can kneel to pray to God now, I don't act like a stranger anymore, and I remember things perfectly. I can use the right side of my body now, and if I want, I can wear singlet all day. Training to get my left to do what my right was doing has been indefinitely suspended. What baffles me most is that the anointing flowed from the rebroadcast of 31st May 2020 Sunday service. The anointing breaks the yoke. I thank God, our Papa and Mercy TV plus. We are blessed IJN. Even my father has received his healing too from body pain. I thank Omoto God, He is the miracle working God.

Ninonwa (Enugu, Nigeria)