God blessed water to be powerful. Before God created anything on earth, the bible says that the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the water. (Gen 1:2). God has put in natural water, the ability to help humans. Yes, God has made everything that he created to work for your own good.


  • MAN OF GOD: Please let me know when you will be coming to the United States. Can you come to Atlanta?

    Another thing, you are going to Malabo, will it be possible for you to touch down at Uyo International Airport then?

    MAN OF GOD: Bless me and my Ministry in the U.S. Thank you. May God bless you. Amen

  • Good evening Man of God . I have had so much about you daddy and watch most of ur program online . I will like God in my life as my life I really dont understand myself anymore and my family life..I need your prayer man of God. I will be coming to Nigeria on the 4th of next month which I will be in warri 5th of next month . I will like to attend your church and If possible talk to you . I really need deliverance. I stay in united kingdom and have my new family here but my relationship is not going well dont really know what’s the problem. this is my second relationship and is not working again. I am tired of all this in my life cant even talk to people anymore or my family back home in Nigeria becaue2 I feel I have failed . Man of God please Sir I need Goda direction in my life again.

  • Good morning sir, pls papa ,I want you to speak a word to my life and command disease of diabetes out of my body, am from Nigeria but presently in India new Delhi, my name is olusegun babatunde .
    daddy I need ur prayer, I can’t come there’ for now pain allover my body.. I know God can use you sir

    Thank you sir

  • man of God pray for me and the family for things to start movio,no one has a good job everything is dragging. plz man of God I personally believe that your God answers.

  • Hi mercyland,
    Thanks for an uplifting ministry. I watch all the time and I live in the United States . I want to learn more about living my life in the kingdom of heaven with Jesus our Lord God. Please keep me and our family in your prayers.

    Love you all Maria 🌹 and k

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